Terms & Conditions

U.S. - Canada Cross Border Requirements

  • Effective June 1, 2009: ALL passengers over the age of 15 traveling between the U.S. and Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Bermuda by land or sea (including ferries), will be required to present one of the following:
    1. Valid Passport
    2. Nexus
    3. Enhanced Driver's License
    4. Other documents accepted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • Teens 16-18 years old who are traveling as part of an adult-sponsored school, religious, cultural or athletic group, will be allowed entry with just a copy of their birth certificate.
  • ATTENTION: Passengers without proper Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) compliant travel documents will not be permitted to board the bus for entry into the United States or Canada. Transportation will not be provided back to the terminal of trip origin. Passengers denied entry into Canada or the United States must purchase another ticket to return to their origin location.
  • For more information please visit the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative site for Canada or the United States.
  • Proof of return transportation is required.
  • Single parents with children may be required to show proof of custody (i.e. a copy of the court order or a note from the other parent and a copy of the large birth certificate with both parents names on it).
  • Proof of employment maybe required. If unemployed, a photocopy of a recent bank statement may suffice.
  • Persons convicted of any crime are urged to contact the nearest U.S. Consulate Office before embarking to assess their eligibility to enter the country.
  • Non-residents of Canada or the United States may be required to pay an immigration fee of $6 USD (no Interac or Cheques) at port of entry.
  • Baggage is subject to inspection when crossing the border. You will be asked to declare any items subject to duty upon crossing the border. Greyhound is not responsible for any baggage crossing the border into Canada or the United States. Passengers must claim all baggage at the border crossing point before proceeding. No baggage is allowed across the border unless claimed by a passenger.
  • For more information on U.S. – Canada border crossing requirements visit Canadian Border Security Agency and US Department of Homeland Security websites.
  • Tickets and travel are subject to the Terms and Conditions stated below.
  • The following rules apply to all NeOn** travel. These rules may be changed at any time at the sole carrier discretion without prior notice.

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  • Fares quoted are valid on the NeOn** schedule and/or those of participating interline carriers listed on the ticket. Fares are payable in U.S. dollars unless noted otherwise.
  • All tickets will be honored for transportation daily unless otherwise indicated. No reservations are accepted for travel.
  • All unrestricted, one-way and round-trip tickets are good for one year from date of sale, except as noted. There will be no extension of time limits.
  • Depending on the date and time you select, not all discount fares may be available on all schedules.
  • Fares subject to change. Fares may be higher during some holiday periods and additional restrictions may apply during various times of the year.
  • Fares quoted may be subject to additional charges, including taxes. The final fare will be displayed once a schedule is booked.
  • Student discount fares require a Student Advantage membership for discount.
  • Veterans Advantage discount fares require a Veterans Advantage membership for discount.
  • Senior citizen's fares require proof of age.
  • Military discounts require a valid United States military ID, presented upon request at the terminal or stop.
  • NeOn** does not sell more than five tickets at a time to a single purchaser.
  • NeOn** will not be responsible for delays caused by breakdowns, road conditions, weather or other conditions beyond the carriers' control.
  • NeOn** will not be responsible for lost or stolen tickets.
  • Tickets are non-transferable and, if presented for transportation by any person other then the one for whom originally purchased, will be void and may be confiscated by a NeOn** agent or authorized employee of any bus carrier over which the ticket is issued.
  • Departure date and time may be changed, but a fee may apply if the ticket is not a refundable walk-up fare. If the ticket is non-refundable or an advance purchase ticket, departure date and time may be changed for a $20 fee per ticket provided the following conditions are met:
    1. Any advance purchase requirement cannot be violated.
    2. Applicable holiday blackout restrictions for advance purchase fares must not be violated.
    3. The time limit from the original sale date must not be violated. All transactions and travel must be completed within one year of the original purchase date.
    4. Exchange must be requested prior to scheduled travel date, if request is not made prior to the scheduled travel date the ticket will be null and void.
    5. An advance purchase fare may be upgraded to a walk-up fare for a charge of $20 per transaction plus the difference between the advance purchase fare and the walk-up fare. If the walk-up fare is less than the advance purchase fare, no refund will be given. The origin and/or destination may not be changed in an upgrade.
    6. Advance purchase discount fares are non-refundable.

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  1. All standard (mileage) and reduced fares are non-refundable (restriction NR) unless otherwise indicated.
  2. Advance Purchase and Non Refundable fares may be upgraded to a walk-up fare for a charge of $20 per transaction plus difference between Advance Purchase fare no refund will be given; origin and /or destination may not be changed via upgrade.
  3. Unused tickets marked as "non-refundable" have no refund value.
  4. Unused one way and round trip walk-up fare tickets designated as "refundable" will have a refund value equal to the fare paid by the passenger.
  5. Partially used one-way tickets will have no refund value.
  6. Partially used round-trip tickets designated as "refundable" in which the going or return portion is unused will have a refund value equal to the fare paid, less the applicable lowest one-way fare, and less any applicable cancellation fee off the remaining value. Partially used round-trip tickets in which parts of both the going and return portions of the ticket have been used will have no refund value.
  7. Refundable tickets that were purchased with cash or credit card may be refunded at the location at which the ticket was sold or any Company Terminal. Purchaser must present the same credit card used to make the purchase to receive a refund. Refundable tickets that were purchased with checks or on charge account may only be refunded upon application for refund to Greyhound's Corporate Refund Department in Dallas, Texas.
  8. Tickets which are refundable will only be refunded by Greyhound Lines, Inc. to the original purchaser only.
  9. Refundable tickets must be presented for refund within one (1) year from date of purchase. Tickets submitted for refund after this time period will have no refund value.

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  • Baggage can be checked for each passenger based on the following limitations:
  • For an adult fare ticket, the limit is two (2) pieces of baggage with the first bag free of charge and the second bag a charge of $15. The liability available for adult baggage is $250. For a child fare ticket, the limit is one (1) piece of baggage free of charge. The liability available for child baggage is $125. No single piece of baggage may weigh more than 50 pounds. Additional pieces handled under Excess Baggage Rules. Other baggage rules defined in Greyhound Tariffs.

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  • Smoking is prohibited aboard the bus in accordance with Federal law.
  • Dogs, cats, birds, or other animals will not be transported. A service animal, trained for the purpose of accompanying a special needs traveler, will be permitted to travel with the passenger at no additional charge.
  • Except as responsibility may be imposed by law, NeOn** will not be liable for delays caused by accidents, breakdowns, road conditions, weather and other conditions beyond its control, and does not guarantee to arrive at or depart from any point at a specific time.
  • NeOn** reserves full control and discretion as to the seating of passengers and the right to change such seating at any time during the trip; however, seating arrangements will be made without regard to race, color, creed or national origin.
  • NeOn** reserves the right, when operating conditions require, to transfer passengers from one vehicle to another en route.
  • NeOn** endeavors to provide on bus amenities like Wi-Fi, plug-ins and video but does not guarantee the operation of this equipment.
  • NeOn** reserves the right to refuse to transport a person
    • Under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs,
    • Who is incapable of taking care of him/herself (this does not apply to persons who are accompanied by an attendant or nurse),
    • Whose conduct is such or likely to be such as to make him or her objectionable to other passengers or prospective passengers,
    • Who refuse to permit a search of his or her person or property for weapons or who fails to provide positive identification upon request, or
    • Who refuses to comply with any lawful rule or regulation.
  • Such persons may be removed from the bus at such place along the route as the driver may select. NeOn** shall not issue any compensation for passengers removed en route.

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Passenger Information

  • NeOn** may disclose the passenger's personal information, including ticket and payment information, as required by law, upon order of the court, by request of a governmental agency, by request of a law enforcement authority, or in the good faith belief that disclosure is necessary or advisable.

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  • Greyhound recommends that all customers who will be traveling in a wheeled mobility device contact the Greyhound Customers with Disabilities Travel Assistance Line at 1-800-752-4841 as far in advance as possible. Each bus has limited capacity for all customers and can only accommodate two passengers traveling in wheeled mobility devices. Greyhound will be better able to help you plan your trip if we know in advance that you are coming and what your needs are.



  • NeOn and Disability Community Involvement

    Our goal at NeOn is to connect communities across the United States with our service and through the programs we support. Now we’ve found a way of connecting with one more of the many communities we serve. Through our partnership with eSSENTIAL AccessibilityMC, NeOn is taking part in a Disability Community Involvement Initiative launched in association with leading advocacy groups for people with disabilities.

    if you have trouble typing, moving a mouse or reading, eSSENTIAL AccessibilityMC can greatly enhance your experience at neonbus.com.

    By clicking on the eSSENTIAL AccessibilityMC icon, users can download keyboard and mouse replacement solutions free of charge, including a webcam-based hands-free movement tracking system, a page reader, predictive typing, and other customizable options.

  • eSSENTIAL AccessibilityMC tools can be used on a standard PC* by anyone with dexterity challenges or reading difficulties arising from a variety of conditions, including:
    • Stroke/paralysis
    • Mild visual impairment
    • Arthritis
    • Limited proficiency in English
    • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
    • Literary deficiencies
    • Parkinson’s disease
    • Dyslexia
    • Cerebral Palsy (CP)
    • Other learning issues
    • Age-related factors

    Greyhound is proud to be a Founding Member of this Disability Community Involvement Initiative. It brings us one step closer to mirroring our society’s diversity in the people we employ and the customers we serve.

    *Using a Mac? Click here to learn about using eSSENTIAL AccessibilityMC on an Apple computer.

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Passengers Traveling with Children Traveling

  • Any passenger under the age of 8 must be accompanied by a passenger at least 15 years of age or older at all times. Passengers between the ages of 8 and 14 years of age inclusive, may travel unaccompanied at full adult fare if the following conditions are met in their entirety:
    1. The passenger's trip will begin and end on the same schedule (no transfers).
    2. The passenger's trip will be no longer than five (5) hours in duration.
    3. The passenger's trip (origin to destination) must take place during daylight hours only.
    4. Both the origin and destination stations are full service agencies or company operated facilities.
    5. The destination station will be open at the time the passenger is scheduled to arrive.
    6. Parent, Guardian or Legal Custodian of the child must complete and sign the Unaccompanied Child Form authorizing the child to make the trip and return this to the Customer Service Supervisor on duty. This form specifically names the person authorizing the trip and the person meeting the child at the destination station and the telephone number(s) at which this person may be contacted. It also provides an emergency contact name and telephone number in the event it is needed.
    7. In order for the child to be released at the destination, the person named on the Unaccompanied Child Form as the one meeting the child must have positive picture identification, such as a driver's license or state issued identification card, and provide such to the agent at the destination station. Without such identification, the child will be released into the custody of Child Protective Services or to local law enforcement officials in the destination city.
    8. A fee of $5 will be assessed for each child traveling unaccompanied.
  • If any of the above conditions are not met, then the passenger must be accompanied by a passenger at least 15 years of age or older in order to travel. Tickets for unaccompanied children are not sold online.

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Child Safety Seats

  • Customers are welcome to use child safety seats on NeOn** buses; however, the seat space must be purchased at the discounted child fare. You should ensure that your child seat has been approved for use in a motor vehicle, and is used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
  • It is your responsibility to secure the child seat to the bus seat with strapping or webbing that is approved by the child seat manufacturer. You are responsible for providing the strapping or the webbing. You should also secure your child in the child seat with a manufacturer-approved lap and/or shoulder belt/harness. Greyhound does not provide lap and/or shoulder belts/harnesses.

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  • **NeOn is a joint operation between Greyhound Lines, Inc. and Adirondack Transit Lines, Inc.
  • For more details regarding terms and conditions, please visit Greyhound.com and Trailwaysny.com.